30 November 2007

The font of my yard is not a place for your empty forty.

Walking home from work tonight I spied this lovely treasure as I approached my house.

Dear Wino boozing it up on my lawn: Tighten up and dispose of this thing properly. However, it is trash night, so I put this where it belongs: the recycling bin. Perhaps the Fates guided your Schlitz bottle to my stoop after all. Either way, consider yourself on notice, Edward-40-Hands.


The Becca said...

That's a very majestic bull on that bottle. It conjures images of what you too can become if you harness the power of malt liquor.

Matthew said...

They just smash them in Brooklyn. I guess it facilitates biodegradation?

pendergast said...

if they were playing edward 40 hands, no one would have misplaced that bottle