19 May 2008

Bad idea

The Space is pretty cool. I like it there. But it's a bar and they have these really awesome white couches that look great in early in the evening, when you can see them.
But then I have a couple of drinks and there's this ledge next to the couch that really wants me to dance on it. So I stepped on the couch to get to the ledge. And I made some icky foot prints. I feel bad, but The Space should get real and understand that this cannot be a good idea. White couch + Drunkeness = Dirty Couch.
Tighten Up the Space!


Pepper said...

It looks like you were doing the cha-cha on that couch!

Pete said...

Becca+drunk+elevated dancing is a recipe for comedy. You know, the kind of comedy where people fall down and hurt themselves and you're all like, 'whoa, that must have hurt, but it was really funny so I am going to laugh anyway.'