28 May 2008

Um ... WTF Houston Airport?

This is a sticker on trash cans in bathroom at the Houston Airport - it's a little blurry but basically tells people not to throw their needles in the trash and to use the designated disposal container.

Attention travelers at Houston International Airport ... if you need to dispose your needles please do not put them in the trash can. Wait ... why the fuck are you using needles in a public restroom so much that it would necessitate a SIGN in the airport?!


Brad Kimmel said...

Uh, because you're a diabetic and need insulin to survive?

Brenda Starr said...

Hi Brad - are you new?
Perhaps you could answer this query ... why is this sign absent from every other airport in the country (ok ok ... at LEAST the 40 or so I've visited).

The Becca said...

Because Houston has a problem? The problem is that it's HOUSTON.

Matt said...

Maybe because Houston was the fattest city in the country five years in a row? Yeah I said it.