02 May 2008

Self Tighten

I had a final at 9AM. I got a 68 on the midterm, so I needed everything to go well. Imagine my dismay when I woke up at 9:54. So I go in clothes I slept in. When I get there, the Honor Code (supertight in my eyes today) saved me. The exam was unproctored. There was a stack of blank tests on the table waiting for me. I sat down, started writing, was sweating uncontrollably (sorry to the kid next to me) and finished before time was up.

Tighten up Stu. Get up on time and take a shower. And get better grades.


Pepper said...

holy cow! i know this was not easy to write, but you did the right thing. a lesson to us all.

The Becca said...

OMG. Best post.... ever?