29 May 2008


Cute (adj,): attractive, esp. in a dainty way; pleasingly pretty: a cute child; a cute little apartment.

This word is so overused and and says approximately nothing about the item being described. A simple "I like it" would suffice.
I, too, am a bit of a cuteaholic - so I'm starting a movement: To ban this word for at least a month.

Join me in the revolution and expand your vocabulary.

Here are some alternatives: adorable, attractive, beautiful, clever, coy, cunning, dainty, precious, pretty, sharp, shrewd.


The Becca said...

I, too, am attempting to ban the word "cute" from my voacbulary. Even though I use it to describe girls that are 7's. I might as well just call them 7's.

Pete said...

I am doing the exact opposite. I would like to use the word cute at least once a day. i feel it is an ironic juxtaposition to my rugged manliness.

Pepper said...

i prefer 7s.