16 May 2008

Self-Tighten #3457

Mirza, Zach and I decided to have some dude time last night. We began the night with a quick visit to Boris at the Turkish and Russian Bath House. After a nice steam, we headed to the Ssam Bar for a little dinner and some drinks. Upon completing our excessive pork consumption, we hit up Angel Share for some whiskey. After my third Basel Hayden’s, I began to feel control slipping. We proceeded, drunkenly, to Tile Bar to visit Mary. After a few more Bookers and a Knob Creek on the rocks, I might as well have been orbiting Neptune. I was ranting at the top of my lungs that I was literally the MAN.

Some quotes from this morning’s email chain…
“If I understood you correctly, you were explaining that you were the new world order,”
“You were claiming that your upkeep with the latest Gossip Girl episodes made you more manly.”
“Oh, and you were a hipster before hipsters started becoming hipsters.”
“And you invented Khaki pants.”

I also proceeded to get into a heated debate with Meera, Mirza’s new lady who I had never met before (I know, Mirza and Meera, it’s too cute to function), about which season of Gossip Girl we were in, the first or the second. I was completely wrong and had no idea what I was talking about. To put is plainly, I was a total shit-show.

I am too old for this kind of behavior. Seriously. Tighten it up Pete.

PS- Basel Hayden’s is the best bourbon ever and Gossip Girl is an awesome TV show


The Becca said...

love the windbag tag.

Pepper said...

Pete, this takes the cake. I've never seen a written record that so fully encapsulated your personality at all of its poles. Well done.