07 May 2008

Tight v Loose: The Ultimate Showdown


Tight. And here's why...
Dear Ann,
Please get off your high horse and have some fun for once in your life. Let's put aside your "I know so much about world affairs I can say 'Kunar Province' instead of simply 'Afghanistan' in my movie review" elitism and focus instead on your obvious lack of an adventurers soul. Tony Stark is one of the most compelling characters ever written. Period. As in, not just in comics. He is a man torn by the means and ability to do good, but a fault of will. He knows right from wrong, but can't always seem to make the correct choice. As a SUPER hero, a man that is supposed to be above and beyond average, Stark personifies the very duality of man at its most basic levels, morality and choice and Downey does as good of a job as one could hope for showing that dual nature. I imagine Ann wouldn't know any of this because she is the kind of Superman-loving doucherock that tattled on her peers in grade school so she would get a better grade on her essay about Ethan Frome. At the end of the day, Ironman is a damn enjoyable summer flick, so you know what Ann, Calm the Fuck Down!


mandy said...

Let's face it, this is not the worst thing you've ever caught me doing.

ha ha ha: Iron Man was f'ing awesome.

Pepper said...

Ethan Frome! Beautiful!

The Becca said...

what the hell are you people talking about?