30 January 2008

And then there were two

Oh, John Edwards. You seemed like such a nice, earnest fella. Thank you for not being the kind of white Southern dude that thinks I'm going to hell. May you go in tightness.

P.S. Kudos on the tight Jesus pose.

Mysterious Traveler Entrances Town With Utopian Vision Of The Future


Matthew said...

At least he said "New Orleans" more than anyone else. Why the city's redevelopment is not a bigger issue in this election is beyond me, let alone how the exodus impacts neighboring cities.

Pepper said...

"I was given this; I will put it on my vehicle."


Bodenner said...

looks like it's back to the mill for john edwards.

and by "mill," i mean his 25,000-sq-ft mansion--the most expensive in NC's affluent orange county.

and matthew, in addition to mouthing the words "new orleans" more than anyone else, he also invested in more subprime mortgages in new orleans than anyone else:

"He took a part-time, $500,000 consulting job with Fortress Investment Group, a hedge fund of the type that has become a symbol of Wall Street excess. Edwards invested nearly $16 million of his own money in the fund. This summer, it was revealed that Fortress invested in two major subprime lenders that had sought to foreclose on victims of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana--an unflattering detail for a candidate who launched his campaign with a speech in the Lower Ninth Ward" (Newsweek, 12/15/07).

screw you and your soft demagoguery, edwards.