29 January 2008

PC-E Nikkor 24mm f/3.5D ED

With the huge PMA 2008 photography trade show about to start in Las Vegas, press releases are flying left and right. Canon and Nikon both announced new consumer SLRs (EOS 450D and D60, respectively) and a ton of new pocket cams were announced.

Nikon (finally) announces a 9-blade, 24 mm, tilt-shift lens? Seriousy tight.
Also announcing (without specs so far) that new 45 mm and 85 mm tilt-shifts will be on display at PMA? Fantastic.
The price? So untight they're afraid to put it in the press release in dollars (side note: the dollar? an exemplar of looseness).

RRP: £1099.99/ €1642.00

Translated into dollars? $2,100+. (Compare to a similar offering from Canon for $1,200, only 8 blades...)

PC-E Nikkor 24mm f/3.5D ED: Digital Photography Review

The best explanation of how tight a lens like this can be, see this slideshow (with audio), courtesy of the NY Times.


Pepper said...

HOLY SHIT! This is amazing! We've needed a TiltShift post for a while, which sweetens the deal--good work on the NYT link. Can't wait to rent this thing.

Pete said...

Camera nerds are the worst kind of people.