29 January 2008

State of the You-Know-What

Last night's SOTU was the doggiest and poniest SOTU in the history of SOTUs (a very patchy history, as it turns out). The smirking! The overly zealous arm stretch handshaking! The politics-is-pain grinning and bearing! This would have been a perfect year for one of those old school President's Message to Congress things that a clerk reads aloud as everyone yawns. Just like the Golden Globes this year! It would have shown solidarity with the writers strike and you KNOW Bush is on their side because I bet he watches the heck out of Ugly Betty (all those bright colors!).

It would have been easy. Any TUer worth her bandwidth could have written the PAMCo (not as fun as SOTU, but still fun). It would have read, simply:

State of the Union: Untight.


Pepper said...

His smirks were absurd: not even the clearest indication yet that this is little more than a game to him.

Minna said...

And don't even get me going on that weird aside about making checks out to the government. "Who are these 'poor people' everyone keeps talking to me be about?!? Money is fun! Like Monopoly! Wheeee!"

Bodenner said...

president who?