29 January 2008

Dear Idiot Urban Planner,

The reason that the printer in the planning lab has broken is this:

When we run out of 8.5" x 11" paper, the proper course of action is not to fold and then tear 11" x 17" of paper in half, reloading the original tray and leaving frayed edges for the printrollers to catch, causing a meltdown; rather, kindly inform a computing officiant of the lack, and the problem will be addressed through the restocking of paper.

Break our printer when I have shit to get done? Don't do that.

TUR Printing Ombudsman


Orivlle Pigdicker said...

This would be less frustratingly stupid if the culprit was not in a Graduate program at an Ivy League.

Minna said...

Please tell me it was a first year so I can have more reasons to look down on them from my happy perch upon the 2nd year pedestal.

Pepper said...

Oh it was a first-year all right.

Minna said...


Pete said...

Seriously? At what point did that seem like a good idea to that individual?