30 January 2008

Tightness Reigns in Southwest Florida

Local candidate, Margaret "Dee" Sulick, chalked up a victory in the hard fought race for Naples, Florida City Council last night. When reached for comment, Councilwoman Sulick stated, "It's great. We worked so hard and I had a lot of support. We even did it without the endorsement of the paper!" Her last refers to her suspect lack of support by local rag the Naples Daily News, which endorsed Dorothy Hirsche, a local business owner, despite Mrs. Sulick's many years of experience on the local city planning board and overwhelming mandate by the populace. To reach Mrs. Sulick for congratulatory purposes and more information on her platform, please see her website.

Disclaimer: Reporting not necessarily fair and balanced.


Pepper said...

Here here!

Pepper said...

update: please go to the campaign website and listen to the sound made when you change navigation tabs. it's the sound of change!