10 January 2008

I'm lucky to have my hand.

I apologize to those of you who I have already shared my George Washington Emergency Room experience with ... but as I thought more about the budget nature of my visit, the more I realized that you, Dr. Obvious, and you, Dr. Careless, need a dose of tightness.
Below is my live blog Wednesday morning:

8:09 am:

Well, one hour and 45 mins after my arrival I finally got X-rays from Dr.Obvious who said "looks like its swollen." Yes sir ...that's why I'm here.
Upon my arrival the waiting room was empty. The receptionist checks me in and I take a seat right in front of her.
People count: me, her, two security guards.
After 15 mins. I ask "did I get here before the nurse is on duty?" And she looks up like she's seen a ghost saying " I thought you were already sitting in her office!"
People count: her,me, one security guard

8:23 am: Ok, I have officially fractured my wrist which will take 6-8 weeks to heal.
Dr. Obvious was replaced by Dr. Careless who prescribed an anti inflammatory ...which according to the gianormous red medical bracelet I'm wearing I'm allergic to...
Currently waiting for vicodin prescription.
I'm wearing a huge wrist brace which I will throw away on my way out to get one that is not marked "large" at cvs.
I also have the pleasure of listening to the woman next to me who most certainly hails from Manassas talk and describe the blister on her lip that she apparently contracted after a hot nacho mishap.
She works for Blackwater. I'm just throwing this out there but I'm almost positive her name is tammi,kimmi, or tiffani.
She's sharp as a knife too ... "What do you c
all cheese that isn't yours?" She asks her companion behind the curtain.
"Not cho cheese!"

Hurray doctors....hurry.

8:31 a.m.: Just traded in brace ...Dr.Careless: "Oh ...this is a large no wonder your wrist hurts by the odd angle at which its tilting"
I think I'm going to end up walking out of here with a peg leg.

8:39 a.m.:Ok have a "small" brace now. Dr.obvious deduced that he must have given me the wrong size and that he had mistaken me for a burly man.
Fun fact: from my time here I have deduced that everyone is prescribed vicodin.


Matthew said...

Oof. Be careful with them there wrist contraptions. I had me one of those and it never quite healed. Went to a cast eventually. But I'm sure Dr. Clueless made all the right decisions in the cast vs. brace conundrum. Yeah Vicodin!

Pete said...

Please tell me you broke your wrist knocking out Nitro with one punch... I porbably broke my thumb a few months back and declined going to the hospital in favor of home remedies. It still hurts, but I am happy with the decision.

mandy said...

Argh; that sounded terrible. I hope your wrist feels better soon so you can go back and give them a proper wag of the naughty finger. ::tisk, tisk, tisk::

Bodenner said...

how about you tighten up and stop performing swan dives off your front staircase?

Brenda Starr said...

*Sigh* your right ... now I have to find another way to get attention. Maybe I'll try cutting.

The Becca said...

porbably? Wow Pete.