02 August 2007


Co-TU'er and fellow DC resident Jordan and I decided to have a civilized lunch yesterday at what is supposed to be an upscale lunch establishment, Restaurant Kolumbia, located on K street just west of 18th. We both arrived promptly at 12.30pm ready to order -- they have a $9 bar lunch special that sounded pretty appealing (they were out of the pizza, btw; how the hell do you run out of cheese, tomatoes, and dough in a restaurant?).

The experience was irrevocably lost, however, when 1.30 came before our food did. The waiter apologized profusely when the food finally did come, but it was a thin attempt: there were no more than 10 others at the restaurant.

I can appreciate a little lunchtime rush if I arrive to eat at 12.30, but this was ridiculous; we walked out the door at 2pm. When the waiter returned from the credit card machine ten minutes after retrieving the cheque, that was the last straw: he should consider his 10% tip generous.

Restaurant Kolumbia, tighten your shit up. My money's just as green as everybody else's.

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