08 August 2007

MTA, WTF!? Tighten Up!!!

I really love standing on a stagnant, 105 degree subway platform with a suit jacket on for 45 minutes. It's so great. I also love getting to work 2 hours late. That's wonderful because the work doesn't go anywhere. It still has to get done. What else do I love? Getting to work and having no phone system or email capabilities.

I'm going across the street for a two martini lunch. This is ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

jesus, i am so glad you posted this. i was going to tell the TUR to TU if nobody had written about the MTA sucking after the hell i went through this morning. i nearly died a minimum of 5 times.

Orville said...

Pete, that's two WTFs in a row--tighten up that terseness