29 August 2007

A Wide Stance

By now you have no doubt heard about Idaho Senator Larry Craig's arrest in a Minnesota airport men's room for soliciting sex. My favorite part of this story so far is the Senator's excuse that, contrary to tapping his foot against the man in the next stall's foot to initiate a sexual encounter, he inadvertantly brushed his oxfords up against his neighbor's due to the fact "that he has a wide stance when going to the bathroom."

Props to Slate for demonstrating the utter ridiculouslness of this defense in this video re-enactment.

While being interviewed in the Airport police station, Craig handed the arresting officer his US. Senate business card and asked, "What do yout think about that?"

Here's what I think about that: you're a douchebag, Senator Craig, and you should resign from office and seek the help you need to tighten up and come to grips with who you are.


Pete said...

How about a TU on the slate blocking. Nice shadows and camera reflection. I like a little production value out of my humorous reenactments...

Matthew said...

I'm 6'6". I'm guessing I have a wide stance. In general, this is because toilets are designed for people a foot shorter than I. It's just ergonomics people! I have no idea where I'm going with this comment. Oh yeah, so this happens often enough that the airport police frequently go undercover? I guess not too many drugs are trafficked though Minneapolis, so the cops hide in bathrooms? That's pretty funny in and of itself. This guy must have been pretty low on the totem pole (har de har) to have pulled bathroom stall duty. I'm guessing he probably got promoted or at least has a great bar story for nagging a Senator.