17 August 2007

NEJM- even you could use some tightening.

I don't know where to start.

How about here: The New England Journal of Medicine, probably the most prominent medical journal IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, continuously published since 1812 -- you know, a big to-do -- put ink to paper this week (for a "Special Article" no less) to report the effects of "A Decade of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs".

After an ENTIRE DECADE OF ANALYSIS the authors conclude:
So basically if drug companies change their practices, it would constitute a big change from current practices. Whawha...What?!? Is this honestly their conclusion to an issue so fraught with controversy that among developed countries, the practice is only legal in the U.S. and New Zealand? What about the fact that we have like 20 cock meds (Ask your doctor about Cialis!) but we are still waiting for a malaria vaccine? And isn't it a little screwy that "the top U.S. drug makers spend 2.5 times as much on marketing and administration as they do on research"? Come on NEJM, you're killing me here, you fucking totally missed the mark on this one.

Conclusion: Our findings suggest that a call for the NEJM to tighten up would, in turn, result in a public electronic exclamation that the NEJM does, indeed, need to Tighten Their Shit Up.

I mean like serious.

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Pete said...

haha, stupid doctors.