07 August 2007

Albert the Pony Needs to Tighten Up

Sometimes horses detroy things, like my dad's hat. Albert is a pony. He is great. The also has a penchant for picking things up with his teeth and dropping them on concrete. It's pretty annoying as you can imagine, but he really seems to enjoy it, so I let him.

However, last night I had placed my cell phone on the bench. And yes, the obvious happened. Albert bit the phone with his teeth and threw it back down. When I picked it up, it looked ok. It wasn't until later that night that I discovered that he had really ruined my phone. The screen was a rainbow of colors with cracks all over it.

In conclusion, Albert, stop breaking phones. They are not food. I know you're a pony, and your brain is very small, but please! You're going to have to tighten that up pretty quick before I get a replacement.

Thankfully, my cell was already on borrowed time. Maybe the iPhone is on the horizon! So Albert, if you break that one, you're out of the family.

P.S. The clip of a pony destroying my dad's hat is really funny, you should go there.


Pepper said...

Tighten that shit up, Albert! First it's phones, next it's hearts!

Pete said...

I call for a tighten up on Becca!! You should know better than to leave electronics around animals, domesticated or not. May I reference my dolphin biting TU from a few months ago? Animals bite crap, it's just what they do.

Chris said...

you're getting no sympathy from me, becca watkins. i still have scars in the shape of your malicious maw. your ponies need a better role model.

mandy said...

If your phone is no longer functional, that is a sad, frustrating thing. But that screen looks awesome! I want that wallpaper - quick make a .jpg and sell it!

PS: Do you really shoot guns?? That's pretty badass. And your dad is funny: "I'm so bored I could eat a hat." Yes! I get that bored about once a day.