24 August 2007

Say thank-you: If a kid can do it, so can you.

I live near a donut shop called Spudnuts. To those of you who haven't experienced the heaven that is this potato-bread based confection, let me clear up any confusion right now: these donuts are amazing. Light and fluffy, balanced with just the right amount of dense chewiness. The glazed variety have a thin veneer of sugary crispness, and they're made fresh every day.

I walk by nearly every morning, my heart leaping out of my chest to have just one delicious bite, but for some reason, I always convince myself not to go. This morning, however, I decided I'd go crazy and buy some for my office.

I brought them in and everyone pounced appropriately. "Mmms" and "thank-yous" coated the work-day start with almost as much sweetness as the spudnuts themselves. All were content and happy, but one person still hadn't arrived, and one donut waited for him.

This coworker finally arrived, and as he was making his way out the side door to grab something for breakfast as he usually does, I stopped him:
"[Coworker]," I said, "there's a donut there for you."
"What kind is it?" he said.
"A glazed one from Spudnuts."
"Oh, umm, I can't just have only a glazed donut in my stomach in the morning. I have to go eat some protein or something first."
And thus he left to go buy breakfast.

Okay, valid point: we all know how the donut sugar-rush can crash even the best of us, but puh-lease. I realize tone doesn't come across so well in the printed word, but not only did he not thank me for the gesture, he rejected the offer condescendingly. As if he was appalled that anyone would consider having a donut with their coffee. And, uh, why did you ask what kind it was when you wouldn't have even eaten a donut in the first place??

To the rest of my office, thanks for being gracious. I would buy you more donuts in the future, without hesitation. To unnamed coworker, tighten-up, asshole. Learn to just say "thanks" when offered something, even if you don't want it.


Orville said...

Amen Mandy. Guy, you suck.

Pepper said...

Spudnuts are bigger than Jesus and that guy is an asshole.