15 August 2007

Wednesday Afternoon Tightness

Ever feel like a little urban camping is up your alley? Check out TheEncampment. Brought to you by the same folks responsible for the Central Park gates of a few years back, TheEncampment will be a public art project that you can actually sleep in. As a bonus, you get a prize for every Hobo you scare off.

I recently came across Whiplash, the rodeo riding monkey. Because my words fail, I will quote the article, "I think what most pleases me about Whiplash is his stoic Marlboro Monkey demeanor. Yes, he lives a life of interspecies ridicule, but he's still got his dang cowboy monkey dignity."

1 comment:

mandy said...

Holy shit; the Taco Johns video is hilarious. Whiplash is super-bad monkey extrodinnaire!