13 August 2007

Naming babies: NZ says, "No time to be slack!"

From the BBC News, a New Zealand couple has decided to name their newborn baby "Superman" because the country's registrar of births, deaths and marriages rejected their original name choice, "4Real". In a cloak of tightness, NZ law states
first names starting with a number are not allowed.... The law also advises parents to avoid names that could cause their child to be teased or made fun of.
And, unofficially, the law states parents should avoid names that could also be used as license plates. But why "4Real"?
Mum and Dad decided to call their son 4Real after seeing an ultrasound image of him. It was then they realised that their baby was "for real".
Wow. I wonder when the parents will realize that raising a baby is 4REAL.


Pepper said...

Is Mortimer that painfully unhip these days? Ebenezer? Mordecai? For real.

Orville said...

All great names if you're born into a Haredi family.