20 June 2007

Blogestan saves adulterers from death by stoning

The Iranian people--whether during ancient times when they formed the first pony express and built the first pontoon bridges, or now in the present day when they continue to manufacture the finest carbonated yogurt drinks in the world--are pretty tight.

Today's efforts by the Persophone/Iranian web community to save a couple from being stoned to death is an example of what happens when we combine our collective tightnesses for the good of all humanity.

Hats off to you Blogestan. Mullahs, beware the tightness.


Kamangir said...

We did scare them. :)

Orville said...

Arash jaan, nicely done. Exactly the type of citizen pressure that demands acknowledgment. Balatarin played no small part in saving their lives (and is usually a pretty tight site in itself).