21 June 2007

Irshad Manji: "Salman Rushdie tight, suicide bombings weak"

Irshad Manji is by her own admission not a scholar of Islam, the Qur'an, or Hadith literature. Her widely publicized, emotional appeal to the Muslim people led to her being both shunned and embraced by Muslims the world over.

I am no great fan of her writing however her response today to the death threats issued earlier this week from MPs in Pakistan and Iran following the Knighting of Salman Rushdie by the British monarch is a resounding call for Muslims worldwide to tighten up before blowing up.

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USpace said...

Good one, Irshad is cool; of course the very peaceful 'Muslims' are justified for destroying the whole world over this. What? The Queen can't Knight someone she likes? She can't knight someone that other people don't like?

But I'm sure Sir Rushdie has mixed emotions on this; the Queen has put him in much greater danger. Maybe he'll wish he had turned it down.

At least this incident will lose the terrorists at least a few more of their dhimmidiot appeasers.

Islam in it's extreme is more political ideology than religion. In that way, it is only a 'Religion of Peace' in that when Islam rules the planet, there will be no one to be at war with. Where they are given an inch, they demand a mile. Islamic countries are becoming more extreme, extremists rule, they just keep quoting the Koran to justify their Jihad.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
appease religious killers

continue to spoil them
violent tantrums pay off