15 June 2007

Tighten Up: the camera phone edition

In recent days I've seen two completely ridiculous sights. First, on Sunday in Georgetown, Mollie alerted me to this window display at Sisley:

The writing is a bit hard to make out, due to the setting sun and the general crappiness of the camera phone, but it says:
Getting' groovy
Sisley, a subsidiary of the United Colors of Benetton, is generally to be praised for its clothing offerings. However, they are worthy of nothing but scorn in matters of punctuation.

Sisley, let me 'splain you something (note that I didn't write 'explain): You can be getting groovy, you can be gettin' groovy (the preferable instruction), but you cannot ever be "getting' groovy," for the absurd combination of "g" and apostrophe precludes grooviness. While on the subject, when did "groovy" become an acceptable usage again? Do people suddenly have an unarticulated, market research-identified wish to be groovy? Sisley: tighten up.

Elsewhere in temporal laxity, on my walk home from work today, I caught the following headlines out the corner of my eye:

Oh god! Governor Corzine got in another accident!!! How will his still-mending bones handle the trauma? And look--CBS, in an act of pure malice, has fired Don Imus again!

Could it be that the Inquirer newsroom is suffering some kind of "Groundhog Day" like recurrence where they are stuck in mid-April while the rest of us move on in time? Perhaps, owing to contraction in the news business, the Philadelphia daily has taken to distributing their paper outside their core market using horse and buggy?

Whatever the cause, you have to love the juxtaposition of a two-month old paper above the slogan, "Best to read it every day."

Philadelphia Inquirer: get with the times and tighten up!

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