05 June 2007

Hey, UK: Tighten Up!

The winning submission for the London 2012 Olympic Logo:

Wow. I'm pretty sure I had a similar design on the shirt I wore to my first day of 1st grade. It's being called the "Oh no" logo because of public backlash. While some of the other submissions aren't that great, they're all a million times better than the winner. To be honest, I wish this submission had won. I mean, come on, London: it's [for] 2012!! You can do better than that.


parker said...


Im trying to get a visitor from at least 50 different countries to visit my blog... it'll be tracked through a Neocounter. Come help me out if you feel up to it.

mandy said...

Dear Parker,

You have obviously missed the underlying goal here at The Tighten Up Report. Please do not advertise via our commenting space. Which is to say: Parker!! Tighten up!!


Calin said...

the 2012 games... brought to you by this abstract rendition of Lisa Simpson giving head.


Pepper said...

Remember the beginning of Saved By the Bell, with the squigglin' shapes interspersed between clips of the cast? That's the logo, man, they totally ripped of SBTB!

!! Look in the background of this clip, around 0:07 and 0:14 !!

Pepper said...