25 June 2007

Pants Suit (AND clever double entendre) settled: Judge gets nothing

I know this is all over the news, but it pleases me to note the resolution of administrative court judge Roy Pearson's frivolous law suit in which he sued his local dry cleaners for $54M in the matter of temporarily misplaced pants. Renewing my faith in humanity, however briefly (George Bush, after all, has probably not yet had his Count Chocula and cinnamon toast this morning), Judge Judith Bartnoff awarded Pearson nothing.

It pleases me that Pearson has not only been humiliated publicly (he began crying on the witness stand), but his job is also in danger: I believe it is right that a man whose profession is to dispense justice should be recalled from the bench when he has so manifestly demonstrated his unfitness for the position.

Way to be tight, Judge Bartnoff.

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mandy said...

OMG, Pep: Count Chocula *AND* explodingdog in the same post?!?! Any tighter and I won't be able to breathe.