15 June 2007

File Under: Stuff that doesn't matter but makes the front page anyway, i.e. demands immediate tightening

Dear Angelina Jolie,

You are so amazing. Thanks to the 292839842 articles I read this morning about your amazing $26 dollar black velvet vintage dress, I feel so much closer to you. It turns out you love a bargain, just like the rest of us cash-strapped pleebs! I think I speak for all of us workaday city girls when I say, "Thank you." Thank you for your spunky creativity, your unabashed outfit-making moxie. Thank you for making it ok to wear something that costs the same as Madox's favorite brand of fancy Scandinavian sparkling water. You're one of us, Angie! And don't worry - I don't resent those $800 Christain Louboutin peep-toe heels. They just make me want to work HARDER to be as AMAZING as you! Because you're so amazing!

Kiss kiss,


1 comment:

Pete said...

One vintage black dress: $26. Pair of peak toe pumps to go with vintage black dress: $800. Two or three more Cambodian kids: one pound sack of rice. Using Brad Pitt as an accessory: Priceless.

Seriously though, he was really good in Fight Club.