19 June 2007

Tighten Up and Drive Right

The Vatican recently released the "Guidelines for the Pastoral Care of the Road," or the 10 Commandments of driving. Apparently, the Vatican believes operating a motor vehicle is an "occasion for sin," so they put forth really useful ideas like thou shalt not drive and drink, thou shalt assist accident victims, and my personal fav, thou shalt not make rude gestures behind the wheel. I'm really not making this up. The irony? There has never been a fatal traffic accident in Vatican City and the top speed limit in the entire country is 30 kph (that's about 19 mph). So, next time you're behind the wheel and some idiot puts on his right blinker and than cuts you off in the left lane, tighten up or you won't get into Heaven.


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Orville said...

This is all an elaborate ploy for the Pope to collect indulgences from the registered motorist Catholics of the world. Sacred Heart Auto League has me covered...www.shl.org