21 June 2007

Dear Blogger,

Thanks for letting us tell the world to Tighten Up, and for free no less! But seriously, tighten up some of your functionality.

For example:
1 Allow html in comments
2 Allow reply strings/threatds in comments (as on vimeo)
3 Allow a display of posts by author (you already to it with tags anyway).
4 Increase the usefulness of author profiles (which you know damned well nobody looks at) by allowing html and linking.

...and about a thousand other things that I haven't thought of yet.

I wanted to post this picture of the Michelin man as a comment in response to Orville's Newt Gingrich post, but I couldn't do it (you can do it on Flickr).

Seriously, prove you're owned by Google and make this thing run like a Swiss watch.

The Tightness Advisory Board


Orville said...

Here, here! Feel free to e-mail Google's corporate Director of Technology, Mr. Craig Silverstein at silverstein@google.com. He can also be reached by phone at (650) 623-4000 or through the Harvard Alumni Club (class of 1994, AB).

And if I might take a moment to plug Leadership Directories, Inc. Yellow Book series for its superior tightness. (please see pages 506 and 507 in this Spring's Corporate Yellow Book for full information on all Google execs)


Jordan said...

i echo your concerns, and add one more TU i issued to blogger in an earlier post:

Blogger: you say I can sign in with my Gmail account information and you will remember it. Well, you never do. That's bullshit. Tighten your shit up.

Pepper said...

That's interesting: it does work for me. If I'm signed into gmail and then open TUR in another tab (not signed in), and click to sign in, it automatically refreshes to the TUR homepage with me signed in.

Orville said...

Jordan, I have the opposite problem--if I sign out of Gmail for instance, I stay signed on in iGoogle and Blogger.

mandy said...

I'm all about the TU, Pepper, but blogger *does* allow some html in comments, just not for images or blockquotes (I really wish they had blockquotes). Very slack, indeed. And yeah, those user profiles are lame-o supreme.

I'm logged into like a billion Google-related things at once sometimes (GMail, GTalk, GCalendar), but when I post here, I still have to sign in. But, once I've done that, I'm usually cleared per session (i.e., for each time I have the browser window open. Once that puppy's closed, you have to re-sign in). So Jordan, that's probably why you're not "remembered" and yeah, that's still kinda lame.