10 June 2007

Fake-n-Bake: It doesn't pay to spray.

At the 157th Annual Upperville Colt and Horse Show, Becca decided to open a bottle of warm champagne. Having forgotten the tenets of physics that would have suggested to her that the contents of the bottle were unusually pressurized due to the heat, she indiscriminately shot the cork out of the bottle in a northernly direction, whereupon the champagne poured out all over her.

The plot thickened when she began to clean herself up because she had applied a new faux-tan product just hours before. The tanner washed off in the champagne shower, leaving her legs streaked. Becca, better tighten that up.


The Becca said...

I confess, I'm a total disaster.

Matthew said...

Its cool Becs / the same thing totally happened to me at the last NASCAR race I attended, except it was Natty Light. You would not BELIEVE the pressure to look tan at those things.

Pete said...

Great point Matthew. Just think what it's doing to the kids. If we don't raise awareness we might see a whole generation of one toothed, mullet equipped, skin cancer victims.