15 June 2007

Lately, Pete Resembles Tom Waits

'Nuff said. ...actually, that's pretty tight. I don't even know anymore.


The Becca said...


mandy said...

This post reminded me of one of the greatest mockumentaries I've ever seen, Fishing with John.

Each episode, John Lurie takes a pal fishing. His pals also happen to be celebrities. Here is more info. I highly recommend the episodes with Willem Dafoe, Dennis Hopper and Tom Waits.

In the episode with Waits, they go fishing in Jamaica. In one scene, Waits puts a red snapper in his pants. This scene has been posted on YouTube. I heard a rumor that John Lurie and Tom Waits did not speak for 2 years after they filmed this episode.

Pete said...

I thiink I need some mutton chops and a goatee to seal the deal.