28 June 2007

Tightness Grabbag

Cocktail Hour: While we enjoyed half-price dirty martinis at Fat Black Pussy Cat last night in the Village, St. Louis native Maggie Grady told me about her grandfather's lifelong commitment to his daily 5pm martini, including his habit of keeping a trusty travel kit in the trunk of his car. He always made sure to provide for his wife's scotch and soda, too! Well played, sir.

Stitch This: They've been at it for a few catalogs now, but J.Crew's monogram option on their cashmere sweaters is pretty tight. You know, if you're into that sort of thing *coughpeppercoughcough*....I wonder if Nigella & Co. get theirs done.

One for the girls: If I could engage in some time travel right now, I'd go straight back to the dark days of 1998 and tell my angry/confused high school sophomore self to discover eyebrow waxing, yes, but also to HOLD ON because the Spice Girls will one day get back together and it's going to be zig-a-zig- AWESOME.

Speaking of awesome: The best use of Flash ever ever. Seriously.


kyle said...

why? why among all of the links did i click on the xanadu one? i will Never get that out of my head. that image. that dead flash face. that "animated" digital representation of miss newton-john. the horror.

Pepper said...

Minna, you should really look into some vicks vapo-rub for that cough...great stuff!

Minna said...

the intensity with which the xanadu song gets stuck in one's head is kind of amazing. it's more like getting it stuck in one's whole body.

kyle said...

oh it's Definitely in my whole body. xanadu will metastasize.