22 June 2007

Shut down Gitmo

Rummy's mercifully been canned but still sailing on his yacht free from care like the megalomaniac Ahab figure he's always wanted to be, Cheney is pouting on Sunday mornings when he isn't threatening Iran (these guys love air craft carriers) from an air craft carrier, Al Gonzo is suffering from Can't Remember Shizzle, and Bush's record low approval ratings are explained away by some sort of hallucanagenic conservative think tank shroomscapade that he will be vindicated a la Prez Truman.

Miserable Failures All. The last thing they can do to save any semblance of face is to SHUT DOWN GITMO. Not "sometime in the future" as today's AP story reports. Now.

"Ms. Perino, the White House spokeswoman, noted today that the United States plans to release about 80 of the detainees soon. “America does not have any intention of being the world’s jailer,” she said."

Ok, we just want to jail at least a quarter or more of our own poor people.

At least Gates has the balls to make this an issue. Will they tighten up finally this weekend? Discuss!

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