28 June 2007

Tighten up and vote for Mr. Maroo before noon today!

My high school mascot is in the final four four for best high school mascot in Texas. His name is Mr. Maroo. He is difficult to explain, but basically he is an anthropomorphized poof ball with a beanie and huge eye balls. This is a matter of extreme pride for my high school; we will likely never actually get to the finals in Texas 5A football, so we would appreciate your support. As a side note, this mascot danced around the field featured in "Dazed and Confused" that served as one of our "home venues." No, this is not a joke. What could be more tight that walking poof balls?



Pepper said...

During high school, you were Mr. Maroo, weren't you?

Matthew said...

I get older, and they stay the saaaame age.

Matthew said...

Me cago en la leche. 3rd place. Welp, for every cloud there is a bronze lining. Thanks to anyone who voted!