04 April 2008

Confederates must tighten.

"Calling all SONS and DAUGHTERS to the 6th Annual Sam Davis Youth Camp!"

Do you mean Sam Davis the boy hero of the confederacy? Well I declare!

Yes, it's true: you can send your child to learn the "truths about the war for Southern Independence." And, in a feat of progressivity, this is the first summer that they're offering the program to girls!

And that's not all--you can apply now for your Sons of Confederate Veterans Visa card, complete with travel insurance (in case that angry mob finally catches up with you). Show the pride of your heritage: a heritage of tradition. Or, you could tighten up.


Pete said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAH Stupid Southerners

Stuart said...

so its safe to say you DONT want one of these for your birthday?

Pepper said...

ha HA! (pretty safe).

Anonymous said...
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Orville said...

Never has a people so celebrated defeat. Pepper, its crap like this that just highlights how awesome Chicago and other northern cities are in their monument design. Unlike those countless monuments to the Confederate dead which dot every county in Virginia (it's a law dagummit!), the large cities of the winning side of the battle have such monuments as Grant Park or Lincoln Park.

Who's with me to start an annual festival in Richmond in honor of Gen. Sherman? There will be a log rolling contest and we can burn hillbillies in effigy...takers?

Pepper said...

I reluctantly agree.