16 April 2008

My mom did something tight.

Last night, I stayed out at my parents' horse farm in Clifton because we have a pregnant mare and I was on foal watch. The mare had the foal (it's a boy!) in the early evening and I stayed out there over night.

This morning, I went to go make my lunch for today and I saw a hard boiled egg in a little container. Since I'm not at my house, I just threw all the lunch items in my purse. I drove a few minutes down the road and then a call came in from my mom. She had called to tell me that she noticed an egg was missing and she thought I might have taken it. I said yes. She said "it's not hard boiled, you know".... Thanks mom! That was a close one. Thanks for keeping it tight.

Expensive purse+raw egg= :(

I threw the egg out the window.


Ralph Bodenner said...

Well, what did you hit with the egg? Police car? House you just TPed?

The Becca said...

alas, it was a lost opportunity!

Pepper said...

"I threw the egg out the window." ...this really made the post. A missed opportunity indeed.