07 April 2008

WTF Vending Machine ?!

While walking through the Rayburn Office building on Capitol Hill I was delight to find a vending machine with canned Diet Coke rather than bottled (it just tastes better ... don't know why). Unfortunately - a pleasant surprise quickly turned into a horrifying experience when the machine vended a CAFFEINE FREE DIET PEPSI instead of Diet Coke.
It might as well have vended a can of kitten milk or sheep blood.
FIRST breakfast now this?
Food services needs to tighten up .... yogurt is one thing ... but messing with Diet Coke near the nation's Capitol? Treasonous.


Sarah said...

oh so you take your anger out by thowing it in the trash instead of recycling?? You probably just killed like 100 pandas. cute, baby ones.

Pepper said...

it's time for a vending machine expose. there's a seedy underbelly there, and it's going to be our job to expose it.

Bone donor said...

why do you hate pandas so much, brenda?

Brenda Starr said...

A panda killed my father ... painful memories.