18 April 2008

Let Hot Girls In!

In an amazing display of tightness, a certain hottness managed to get a herd of girls past the burly gate keepers at L2 (a Georgetown bar/lounge) last night. I haven't seen magic like that happen in a long time. I thought for sure I was going to have to hide inside someone's coat to get in, but nope! I got to walk through on my own 2 feet like a legit patron thanks to MB's sweet talkin'.

The deal with L2 is that it has a relatively strict "members only" policy. The New York wenchmen will rip on this pretty much as soon as I post it, but it's how L2 operates. I don't really go out enough to bitch, but every time I've been there it's been a total ghost town except last night when it was like "trying to get into Fort Knox". I can't remember who said that last night but it was funny.

To confirm MB's tightness, I'd like to mention that there were several other cute girl regulars who got turned away at the door. What is this? Marquee circa 2004?

And frankly L2 loosen up! Let a bunch cute girls in. I call shenanigans on this member's only nonsense. It's bad business. Plus your website sucks. Flash is played out.

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Pepper said...

This post has more abbreviations and secret allusions than a damned abbreviation and secret allusions factory working overtime on Christmas Eve.