09 April 2008

Kids remain stupid

Like I said, kids are stupid. Tighten up, stupid kids.

Kid gets hit with ball - Watch more free videos

Little Kid Should Listen To Dad - Watch more free videos

Little Kid Vs Wall - Watch more free videos


The Becca said...

Red ball is my favorite. The slow mo is amazing on the whiplash. Also amazing, the one where the kid runs into the wall. The suspense in it is better than a horror film.

Teddy Ruxtable said...

No worries TUR DC! Our water supply has without a doubt ensured our infertility!

Thanks Public Waterworks! Can't wait 'til summer when you send out our DC Splash brochures. It will be like slip and slidng around on Petri dish!

mandy said...

No, don't jump, Edward. You'll hurt yourself. ::jumps:: lolz