05 April 2008

I couldn't agree more.

Ordinarily I would say that vandalism is a pretty loose practice ... these stickers - which are on all the stop signs around my house - are exceptions.

Bravo snide hipster ... where ever you are.


iWant said...

Almost as good as the "Welcome to Gordonsville" (at Rts. 231 & 33) sign where some probable Shifflet kin crookedly affixed letters spelling "JEFF" so that it now reads "Welcome to JEFF Gordonsville." That Shifflett kid should Stop being such an effing redneck.

Pete said...

Bwahahhahaa... stupid hippies

Pepper said...

Whoever iwant is, nice Shifflet reference.

Bone donor said...

hippies are people too.

silly, smelly, self-involved people, but people nonetheless.