23 April 2008

Open Bars Too Open?

Thanks, Gee. Thanks for documenting the details of my shameful visit to the U St NW 7-Eleven at what you recall in your note as approx. 11-12.

I blame Tuesday night open bar events. Gee's note is proof that open bars are too open and need a good tightening - especially on weeknights.

In case the photo is not clear, apparently I bought some goods including an Amy's Pizza and left all of it and my blackberry in the store. Gee was insightful enough to know that I wouldn't be back last night so she put the pizza back and put the rest in a plastic bag for my pleasure.

Tighten up Tuesday night open bars!


The Becca said...

Gee sounds really sweet! It good to know there are some people out there who will pick up after your mess when you drunkenly do things and leave things places where they don't belong.

Brenda Starr said...

What Teddy is neglecting to say is that while he was leaving his soul at 7/11 and apparently hopped into a cab back to Gtown - Brenda was running up and down U St. looking for him. So much so in fact that the guy who owns Solly's stopped her and said, "Hey hon are you lost?"
To which she replied, "No! But mu friend is!"

Teddy ... Teddy ... I'm keeping your car as punishment.

Teddy Ruxtable said...

Foiled! Car was confiscated at approx. 9-10, as Gee would say. With the help of my handy unicorn key I broke in to your house and retrieved the batmobile, my keys and McP. I am keeping her. She looks nice in my trunk.

The Becca said...

I would also like to add: wah wah wah, you were invited to multiple parties at bars, where liquor was provided for free! Why don't you cry more about your luxe lifestyle.

PS I want the car too Jackie...