17 April 2008

Too Bad

Normally, I would not get personal in a public setting. However, I feel as if I have been pushed over the edge.

Dear Girl who is not my friend but I see everyday:
Tighten Up. Stop touching my stuff. I know we spend lots of time together in class-- but that does not mean you can touch my belongings. I have a personal bubble, and you are invading it. If you do not stop, I will be forced to call on my fellow wrenchmen. Yes, they carry wrenches.

Thank you.


Pepper said...

i will wrench you, fool!

The Becca said...

Next time she touches your stuff you should just violently lunge over and push all the shit off of her desk.

Stuart said...

hahaha that would be so amazing. Unfortunately the classrooms we are in are always dance studios. Maybe I should just violently lunge and push her over. Awesome.