19 April 2008


Old Man Luedecke is one of my very favorite musicians. Imagine my surprise when I found out he released a new album--his third--on March 18; why, I could buy it right away! Checking the iTunes store, I saw it wasn't there. Checking his own website and navigating through store links, I found that it's supposed to be on iTunes.

I emailed the record company. A representative told me it was there. I checked again. It was not.

I emailed her again. She wrote back "don't know what to tell you. Clear your iTunes cache and try again." What the hell is an iTunes cache? Seriously, google it and tell me what you find.

The resolution? I buy it on Amazon, after shipping, for twice as much as I should have to pay. Isn't the internet supposed to make it easier to support independent artists?

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