08 April 2008

I can use the baket wather For Flackign!

What if I don't want to use the baket wather For Flackign? What if my guests prefer to flush the toyler?

Okay, I'm that guy. I hired the Spanglish-speaking contractor. Don't judge! I am immune to your criticisms.

He was 1/4 of the cost and he does great work! He was hired to renovate my only bathroom and install another. Since I have to go to work while he is at the house, all I can do is pray but Really? Really, you thought you should renovate the ONLY existing bathroom before creating the new one? Really? Really, you were hired because one bathroom is inconvenient but you tore out the ONLY one (uno) that I have first? Really? Really, you summed it up in the makeshift post-it a la toyler?

I came home tonight to find this dandy of a note taped to my uno toyler. Tighten up or solidificar hacia arriba!

In case the blackberry pic quality is too low, here is the copy taped to my semi-attached uno toilet:

you can use the toyler bet use the baket wather For Flackign (Plase) Please

"Please, please!!?" Its a toilet not an after-school special about date rape. One 'please' will do. And oh yeah, while you're at it - tighten up! I have uno bathrooms so my toyler is essential!


The Becca said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I still have no idea what that says.

Teddy Ruxtable said...

He left me a bucket full of water next to the toilet. What the fuck, dude? This is Georegtown not Little House on the Prairie.

Bone donor said...

"Please, please!!?" Its a toilet not an after-school special about date rape.

i was literally taking a drink of water when i read that; thanks for the mess, jerk.

Bone donor said...

becca: i just hired a spanglish translator, and he says the note reads...

"You can use the toilet, but use the bucket of water for flushing. Please. (Please don't call the INS.)"

Brenda Starr said...

That's what you get for hiring foreigners. Red blooded 'mericans could have fixed that in 10 mins. They also probably hate "the gays" though ... so... yeah ... I think you made the right choice.

The Becca said...

What a great comment string.