10 April 2008

Speaking of gullible,

I tend to be. A lot. But that aside, is this for real?!

This image is on the White Houses's website. I'm not sure to throw a TU for slack photo-editing, give a high-five for someone's brazenness (or excellent Photoshop work) or to maybe even give Cheney a high-five for having game, surprisingly enough (or maybe paying for game). Jeepers.

(Take a close look. If you didn't catch it, pay attention to the reflection in his glasses.)

UPDATE: Oh, snap! It's *not* a naked lady. Here's a really big version of this image. [Thanks, Noah.] Man, I love how our brains make up information! I still like the implications of this optical illusion, so I'm not gonna delete the post. [Related.]


The Becca said...


Matthew said...

Didn't that guy shoot his friend in the face?

Pepper said...

I don't see how this is any less incriminating: he's clearly holding a spear to impale endangered whales.

Miq-Tak said...

No no no. It's a bow and arrow. He's hunting the greatest game of all. MAN.