02 April 2008

Do you believe in rock and roll?

If you do, you know that Don Mclean's version of American Pie is a work of genius, a genuine article of Americana art.

Surely no artist would stoop so low as to wrap herself in a flag of techno and braless gyrations for a remix. Surely, Don McLean's piece was too perfect. Shirley? No, Madonna. She's carved out her own slice of American pie, but this was a travesty:


Pete said...

This is a bit of a belated tighten... Didn't that song come out like a decade ago? I issue a "living in the past" tighten on Matthew.

The Becca said...

With all due respect, Matthew. This song did come out while we were in high school I believe.
Better tighten up that pop culture literacy.

Pepper said...

The tighten stands. Madonna is undertightened on this blog.

Matthew said...

Your points are well taken. In procrastinating on thesis work last night, I found myself drifting asleep to Don. Then I recalled Madonna's version from, yes, high school. I remember a sense of outrage at that time, outrage which has since flickered into a dull glow, recaptured on this convenient outlet. I think historical tightens are cool. For example, historical tighten should go to Luke Dolson from the 7th grade. That kid was such a douche.