02 April 2008

'My Gayest Look' sticks it to Leno

Apparently Jay Leno hasn't noticed his writing staff is back. On March 20th, The Tonight Show invited Ryan Phillippe on-air for an interview. Leno decided the best and most comical topic of conversation would be to hound him for his first major role as a gay teenager on One Life to Live. Then Leno prodded Phillippe to pretend his gay lover Billy Bob had "just ridden in shirtless from Wyoming" and gaze into the camera with his "gayest look". Wow. High-five to Philippe for not playing along. Here's the interview. (In a similarly bizarro move, Leno also played a clip of a naked, 19-year-old Philippe in a goofy jean ad. Philippe was visibly and vocally annoyed.)

Dumbfounded, Jeff Whitty and Melissa McEwan decided to show Jay their "gayest looks" (a picture of themselves flipping the bird) and began collecting similar images from around globe. It caught on.

Lame, Jay Leno: tighten up. That shit is not funny. And it's boring. Get a clue: no one finds it shocking Philippe played a gay teenager. He's had other acting rolls. Whoo.

And, My Gayest Look? Way to stick it to all the suckas.

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Pepper said...

Jay Leno: time to retire?