31 March 2008


I propose the scrubbing of the word truly from the English language. Assuredly an indicator that whatever is being spoken is a platitude, or whomever is speaking it is insincere, its only distantly redeeming value is in sarcasm. When disfigured by frequent misspelling--truely--the thing culminates in a lexical ruin. For god's sake, it is time for a reprieve. Won't somebody think of the high school English teachers?

Proof of the misery foisted upon English-speakers by this burned-out word is further furnished in Truly Madly Deeply, by Savage Garden. (unhand that Fender Stratocaster, knave).

The only counterclaim I can offer is that "Yours Truly" happens to be one of my favorite sign-offs in written correspondence--so much so that I believe the moratorium will have to exclude all such instances. Otherwise, tighten up, punks. You know who you are.


The Becca said...

+ 10 points for use of Knave. Very sulickian, if you will.

Pete said...

Fact Check Police: Truly Nolen is the name of the man who owns the business. It is an extermination company located in South Florida. Part of his marketing schtick is old cars with his name written on the side.

Pepper said...

Good catch, Pietro. I just thought it was a good eye-grabber.