19 March 2008

UPDATED: 6the Avenue Electronics TIGHTENS!

UPDATE: Defying all expectations, 6th Avenue Electronics delivered the headphones today--Wednesday--without so much as replying to my email or sending a shipping notification. I received no response to my inquiry other than having the product delivered exactly as I asked. Well tightened.

Tight-Nod Within A Tighten-Up-Update: The Grado SR-80s are, like, the headphones that God gave Jesus on his 18th birthday. Incredible. Go buy them now.

Taking a page from Jordan's playbook, I wrote the following email to 6the Avenue Electronics tonight. I hope it works.


On Sunday night I ordered some Grado SR-80 headphones from you guys. I'm super fired up. Order # -----.

I live in Manhattan, but I ordered them to be delivered by mail because I'm working straight through this week and can't leave my house, where I work. It sucks. I thought, they'll come by mail in a day, and it'll be great.

It's not great. Here's why:

It's Tuesday night and I still haven't gotten a notification that the order has even shipped. I called your customer service line today and was assured that they'd go out by tonight at the latest. It's 11:15pm. You have 45 minutes to make good on that promise. My money says you won't.

I could have unicycled to your storefront and back six times, backwards, blindfolded, and gotten them quicker than this. Except that I couldn't. Because I'm working. And unicycles are hard to ride backwards.

Please send me my headphones.
I don't want an apology. I don't want an excuse. I don't want any customer service mumbo-jumbo. I just want my headphones. Please put them in a box and mail it to me. Maybe even walk it here. I'd really like to have them tomorrow. And by tomorrow I mean the tomorrow that will be here in 39 minutes. Wednesday. Please.


order # -----


Projetores said...

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Pete said...

Projetores' blogspam is #1 AOK!

I can't wait to see the follow up to your email Pep. My money says no response and you will get your headpones in a week. They will probably be the wrong model though, so you will have to send them back and wait another week to get the ones you want.

Customer service rocks!

Pepper said...

Yeah, this Projetores guy seems alright.

Morning update, 10:30am: no response.

Pete, I'm afraid you're going to be right.

The Becca said...

What God gave Jesus. Good one.

Pete said...

Such a fount of tightness