03 March 2008

There Will Be Airships and Other Tight Things: What We Thought the World Would Look Like

[via clusterflock]

This is magnificent. Just imagine: It's December 1900, you're a lady sitting in her boudoir (!) reading the latest issue of The Ladies Home Journal and you're totally relieved, because you've never really liked Cs, Qs, and Xs anyway and you're very enthused that they're getting axed by the righteous weapon of 20th century modernity. You sit back and dream of eating a beet-sized pea and you're all, "The future is going to rock"....except you'd say it more ladylike. 'Cause you're a lady.

(Also, note author's last name.)


mandy said...

This *is* totally awesome. Of note, there will be air-ships and blood, but no wild animals. And only a few drugs will be swallowed, mind you; CVSs take note. Looks like we need to get working on piping the Grand Opera into our homes via telephone, however. And growing oranges in Philly. Man, those Watkinses certainly are dreamers!

Stuart said...

Watkins is what's up.

Minna said...

Why haven't Nicaragua and Mexico asked to be part of the USA yet? It's been, like, 100+ years.

Pepper said...

Air ships will be maintained as deadly war vessels by all military nations. So at least he got that part right.

This is so awesome.